Safebox API

Create a digital safe deposit box that lets users add items and keep them safe from peepers.

About this Challenge

Securit-ish is a security company which main business is taking care of houses and people belongings.

Their next product launch is Safe-ish, a remote-control safebox that they sell to their customer in order to keep their belongings as safe as possible, providing them the ability to control their safebox remotely through a mobile app. 

As you know, the API should be strong and secure enough to avoid leaks and security issues. The CEO of Securit-ish, who does not have technical background, has paid for an external consultant to develop the product. Now is looking for someone who could help her develop the product.

Ideal for

Mid - Senior developers

Available stacks

Python · Java · TypeScript · JavaScript · Ruby

Required experience

Advanced knowledge


  • To increase the security of the safebox, would be better if we split the step of interacting with it (insert and get items) into two
    • Open the safebox (with a valid id and password) to get a token
    • Use this token lately to add or obtain items, sending it through an HTTP Header
  • The token will be valid for the next 3 minutes
  • The system will block the safebox after 3 failed opening attempts (considering a failing attempt as a wrong combination between safebox id and password). Don't worry about unblocking it, we don't care about that it nowadays
  • Solve the challenge and show your potential
  • Defend your solution by explaining your code.
  • Get feedback on your code from experts.
  • Build your technical portfolio with all your completed challenge 
  • Create an app and test your coding skills
  • Feedback from our expert Tech Mentors
  • A complete report of your skills - with the possibility of sharing it
  • Your own technical portfolio to use in job interviews


Mauro Gómez

Mauro Gómez is the CTO and Co-Founder of Rviewer. Software Engineer with more than 7 years of experience both as a developer and as a researcher in the field.

He has done research in prominent places such as the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and worked in leading companies such as Adsmurai, as Team Lead and Big Data Developer, or Sabentis, evolving its SaaS platform.

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