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The Rviewer Jobathon is the golden opportunity for all Backend & FullStack developers with background in Java to access multiple hiring processes of TOP companies by performing a single tech assessment of less than 3 hours.

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Integra job

About the tech assessment

Beer Tap Dispenser API
2,5 / 3h

+ 2 years of experience

Ever heard of self-service beer tap dispensers? These are a new concept of drink dispenser that is already being used in many international music festivals to avoid long queues and crowds.

The user brings his or her glass and self-serves the beer. The system registers the amount dispensed and calculates the price of the service, transferring this information to the bar counter. Great innovation, isn't it?

Well, for this challenge we propose you to develop the API that controls this system and calculates the price of the drinks for each attendee, based on the amount dispensed.

You could find the whole description of the API and send some requests to a mock server at this URL

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