Discover the perfect developer for your team

We have just launched DISCOVER, our new solution to bring you new high-quality candidates.
At least 6 candidates per week, guaranteed.
Checked developers that match your jobs.
Promotion of your positions in our community (+30k devs).

How it works

1. Make your jobs visible

Share your job offers, we will post them in Rviewer and share them with our +30K developer community

2. Get new candidates

Every week you receive new applicants and 6 new developers from our database that match each of your jobs

3.Meet, interview and hire!

Manage your new candidates: invite them to your hiring process or reject them, it’s your call.

Why should I post my jobs?

Increase your candidate pipeline, only with checked developers that match your offers
Highlight your offers on our platform, social networks, Discord and newsletters (+30k dev community)
Meet, screen and manage your applicants with an outstanding candidate experience

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