Javier Aguilera Puerta

Backend Developer
Hired by 

Who is Javier

  • Backend Developer
  • Java
  • +3 years of experience
  • He has worked in 3 companies with great colleagues and international projects


He started the selection process applying for a job through Rviewer.
I found the process on Rviewer quite easy and fast. I started the process for the company that I liked the most


He experienced an agile and match-focused process.
In general, selection processes change a lot from one company to another. I think one of the advantages of Rviewer is that they help you find a company that matches you and at the same time find the best profiles for the companies


He completed the iBull API challenge, invited by the company he applied to.
The challenge I chose to do seemed appropriate for the job, it was a Python Rest API and there was some freedom on how to do it, I chose to use Django and Django Rest because they were the technologies of my old job


Based on his challenge performance, he had the first interview.
After a positive Rviewer technical test result, I had my first interview with the company


Javier was hired by Intelygenz.
Finally, I joined the Intelygenz team as a Python Developer.
Doing a technical assessment for every job offer you apply for can be exhausting and often a waste of time. We want to break down this endless process.

Take a code challenge and access multiple job opportunities. Half the time, twice the possibilities.