Izan Lopez

Full Stack Developer
Hired by 

Who is Izan

  • Full-Stack Developer 
  • Java
  • 5 years of experience
  • Got to know Rviewer through one of the processes he was working on.


He was dissatisfied with the selection processes he had participated in.
Most of the time the company to which you apply does not give signs of life. I remember a process that I joined with a lot of enthusiasm. But the person in charge of interviewing me did not even bother to inform me about the process. And she had told me that in her company "they were proud to be different from the rest and to always warn me.


He accessed multiple job offers within a single Challenge
The Rviewer challenges are fun and well explained. In addition, with one Challenge you can apply for several offers. And the best thing: you always get feedback and a report with an analysis of your performance.


A Tech Connector guided him with the job opportunities
The relationship with Lucía, from Rviewer, was smooth and attentive. She guided me through the different steps of the process.


Izan was hired by Intelygenz
Finally, I joined the Intelygenz team as a Java Developer.
Doing a technical assessment for every job offer you apply for can be exhausting and often a waste of time. We want to break down this endless process.

Take a code challenge and access multiple job opportunities. Half the time, twice the possibilities.

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