Álvaro Pedreira

Backend Developer 
Hired by 

Who is Álvaro

  • Backend Developer
  • Java
  • 8 years of experience
  • Go to know Rviewer through one of the processess he was working on


He discovered Rviewer and decided to do a challenge.
I decided to do one of the challenges and I thought it was really cool because of the whole issue of doing it and getting feedback. The experience was very good because they tell you your strengths, your weaknesses and your skills. And you can even see what the recruiters say about you and what their impression is


He accessed multiple job offers within a single Challenge.
I see it as very streamlined, because if you take the test you spend time on it, but then that time is multiplied by the number of options you have, you don't have to take the test for every option


A Tech Connector guided him with the job opportunities.
The person who was handling my process at the time said, "Hey, I think you're a good fit for this because they're asking for..." and she was guiding me towards the most suitable offer. So in that sense, very, very good.


He experienced a streamlined process.
The experience with Rviewer takes a lot of the pressure off. I did a technical test and accessed several opportunities and that's very cool.


Álvaro was hired by Seat:Code.
It worked out very well, I found the job I'm in now.

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Doing a technical assessment for every job offer you apply for can be exhausting and often a waste of time. We want to break down this endless process.

Take a code challenge and access multiple job opportunities. Half the time, twice the possibilities.