Adrián Antañón

Frontend Developer 
Hired by 

Who is Adrián

  • Frontend Developer
  • React and Next.js
  • +2 years of experience


He had been through different selection processes, but none of them was successful
I was participating in several processes. Some turned out well. However, unfortunately for me, it was a No at the time. Others seem very good, you pass different tests, different interviews with HR, with the CTO, you pass the technical test... and they say: We'll call you back. And they don't call you back.


He signed up on Rviewer because a company invited him to take an assessment
through the platform.
Took the Dreadful Tomatoes challenge because it was part of the technical evaluation process of the company I applied to. It went very well


Unfortunately, he was discarded. But Rviewer gave him several alternatives
I didn't get into this company either, they found someone who fit them better. But with the same test I took, the Rviewer team told me to wait, that I would get into one more company and if they were interested in my profile, they would contact me.


Another company was interested in meeting him
I was contacted by Festo within a week. In one week, I did three interviews, and the truth is that they all went very well.


Adrián was hired by Festo
The process has gone very well, and I am very happy. I am also with another person within the company who also entered through Rviewer. I have had an opportunity, and now I am working in a very good company. Very happy, really

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