Vending Machine With Java

Create a seamless coffee vending machine experience that replaces old-school vending machines

Coffresso is a VaaS (Vending as a Service) company. The business model is just installing their machines in company offices, charging a fixed price for it and a variable based on how much they consume.

These machines has a microchip to interact with the machine and the business logic developed by Coffresso. Through it, Coffresso can take control about things like stock, items, prices, etc...

Now our PM wants to have a better web application. But the developer of it is no longer in the company. Can you help us improve the app?

Ideal for

Middle developers

Available stacks


Required experience

Mid-level knowledge


Our CEO wants to scale the business and, due to the bad experience with the previous developer, she wants to create a well-experienced team to help her.

To do so, she wants to start with some features and fixes of the actual API.

  • She wants to be able to control how much money has been spent, totally and per item.
  • She also wants to offer a 5% discount per drink if the company has a higher consume ratio (> 5 items per day).

The actual CTO has defined some technical constraints that you should follow on every refactor or new code of this API. These are the restrictions for your PRs to be accepted:

  • Ensure you are not coupling the business logic with any framework. May be tomorrow we have to change something due to scalability issues...
  • The mission of the team is to create a better API, so please use design patterns to improve the actual base code and decouple this mess.
  • Code should be tested, ensuring that the API fulfills the business logic and we do not break nothing with a change.
  • The API should follows the REST API design principles (at least do not break the most important ones).
Vending Machine Challenge

Vending Machine Challenge

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Mauro Gómez

Albert Romera is a FullStack developer at Rviewer and one of the reasons why this platform exists today.

He has been self-taught for as long as he can remember and learned much of his knowledge independently, even before graduating as a computer engineer. Later, he joined the Deliverea development team before joining Rviewer.

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