The webapp to quench your thirst! Order a drink, pay and done!

Thirst App is an awesome application that from a few input parameters (drink type and amount of money) is capable to order a drink, to quench your thirst, and show a cool message for the desired drink.


This app is based in two components:

  • API (Express, Typescript/Javascript)

This API is the core of the app. It contains the business logic of the application and, giving some parameters, returns the desired drink, or an error if something is wrong. Also, is in charge of storing the data to calculate the benefits of the application.

  • Web App (React, Typescript/Javascript)

This is a simple React page where the user enters the parameters (drink and money) and see what the application returns. The page does not validate anything more than the input type, sending the data directly to the API and showing the message to the user.

Time to complete


Ideal for

Junior · Middle 

Available stacks

JavaScript · Python · TypeScript · Ruby

Required experience

Basic knowledge


So, this app is a common vending machine where the user will have to insert money and select the type of drink they want, and it will return that beverage in case you insert the enough money and select an available drink type. Easy peasy :)

  • DrinkType:
  • Type: string
  • Required: true
  • Description: The drink ordered
  • moneyAmount:
  • Type: float
  • Required: true
  • Description: Coins inserted by the user

So, the application will have to accept any of those values and return some error messages once any of them are not correct. The user should receive feedback about their action and see if the beverage is on hold, or the command was failed.


The owner of the business wants to know how much money she earns. So, the application should have a way to show how much money do it earn with all the transactions. So, every time a user buy some product, the application will have to store the amount to show it later.


You would have to take some decisions during the Challenge, so here you could find some tips from our side:

  • You would have to decide how the application looks like. Focus on UX and try to create a simple app, less is more. Avoid unnecessary buttons, give feedback to the user, etc...
  • You have to decide what products should be available and how many items contains the application per each one. Try not to hardcode this but initialized with a migration, or a config file. Would be easy to maintain! :)

  • As you would need to store the earnings, you would have to decide how to do so. The most important thing here is not to use one Database or another, but how decoupled is your code from the storage system. You can even use a JSON file to store this information.
  • Solve this challenge and give it your best
  • Defend your solution by explaining your code
  • Get feedback on your code from experts
  • Build your portfolio with all your completed challenge 
  • New project built by you to be proud
  • Feedback from Tech Mentors experts
  • Tech report of your skills - option to share it
  • Full portfolio to use it in technical interviews


Mauro Gómez

Mauro Gómez is the CTO and Co-Founder of Rviewer. Software Engineer with more than 7 years of experience both as a developer and as a researcher in the field.

He has done research in prominent places such as the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and worked in leading companies such as Adsmurai, as Team Lead and Big Data Developer, or Sabentis, evolving its SaaS platform.

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