Create a news aggregator focused on a single industry.
July 2022

 😻 This is a new monthly challenge created by MoureDev. He will review and give feedback to some proposed solutions from the community in one of his Twitch livestreams  

Are you able to build the best news aggregator in an industry?

Let's start at the beginning, what is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, serving mainly to distribute information associated with web content in XML format.

Let's think about the world of software development, so many news appear every day that I don't know how to consume so much information. Sometimes, I don't even know where to start looking.

That's why I propose you to create a news aggregator in RSS format with several peculiarities:

Ideal para

Junior · Middle

Stacks disponibles

Android · iOS· WebApp

Experiencia requerida

Basic knowledge


General Level:

  • You decide the niche you like the most. For example technology, software development, music, food, sport...
  • Let's make it easy for the user. Even if it is an RSS reader, you will decide which news sources will be shown. The user will not be able to add feeds.
  • Of course, you must add news feeds that distribute their own RSS.
  • It must support light and dark mode.
  • As always, the UI is up to you. You can rely on Apps like Feedly, Inoreader, Pocket, etc.

Main Screen:

  • It will show the list of news from the most recent, mixing all RSS feeds.
  • We will have to visualize in a cell photo, headline, date of publication and source of the news.
  • This screen must be able to be reloaded to show new news.
  • The news will be updated automatically if the App/Web comes back from running in the background.
  • You will be able to add/remove the article from bookmarks.

Detail Screen

  • Once we select a news item from the main list, we will show its details. Always with the possibility of returning to the previous screen.
  • Are you able to show the complete news without showing the source web? Prove it :)
  • If you think that the previous option is complicated, you can always launch a navigation to the original url (this option must always be available, even if you implement the previous functionality).
  • You will be able to add/remove the article from bookmarks.

Marcadores screen:

  • It will behave like the main screen (with the option to navigate to the detail screen), but it will only show the news added to bookmarks in chronological order.
  • You will be able to remove the article from bookmarks

Config menu:

  • Light and dark mode.
  • We will show the list of fonts used by the App. Here the user will be able to enable/disable each one.
  • We must persist the options even if we exit the App.


You are in charge here. You may be able to implement exclusive functionalities that make special sense in the niche you have selected... Surprise us! 🚀👩‍🚀

Some more generic extra functionalities could be remembering which articles have been read, logging in to persist the configuration remotely, sharing the article on networks...

  • Solve the challenge and show your potential
  • Get feedback on your code from experts.
  • Compare your app with those of other participants through MoureDev's Twitch livestream
  • Build your technical portfolio with all your completed challenge 
  • Create an app / webapp and test your coding skills.
  • Feedback from our expert Tech Mentors.
  • A complete report of your skills - with the possibility of sharing it.
  • Your own technical portfolio to use in job interviews.
  • A chance to win €100 in training materials.
  • If your app is one of the best, Mouredev will record a video reviewing your code in depth and giving his opinion on your performance.



Brais Moure (a.k.a. MoureDev) is a full-stack developer, specialized in iOS, Android and web application development. Besides creating more than 100 apps as a freelancer, MoureDev spends much of his time sharing his knowledge with the dev community.

He is currently one of the main creators of programming content in Spain, with more than 210k subscribers on Youtube and more than 25k followers on Twitch.

Take a look at his networks and say hello for us! 👋🏽 

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