Create your own Memory Game based on pairs of cards
May 2022

 馃樆 This is a new monthly challenge created by MoureDev. He will review and give feedback to some proposed solutions from the community in one of his Twitch livestreams

Who hasn't played card games at some point? From a very young age to a party night with friends, right?

Well, for this challenge you will have to choose your favourite theme and recreate the famous game.


The dynamics of the game will consist of presenting a board with a series of face-down cards and revealing all the pairs before the time is up. The user will tap on each card to turn it over and, if two of them match when they are uncovered, they will be turned face up. If not, they will be hidden again.

The requirements for the game are pretty simple. First, you have to choose whatever theme you want to, like Pok茅mon, Star Wars or even Peppa Pig!

The game is won if all pairs are uncovered within the time limit.

Time to complete


Ideal for

Junior 路 Middle 路 Senior

Available stacks

Android 路 iOS路 WebApp

Required experience

Basic knowledge
So, the game will have an initial screen to select one of the three difficulties and 1 minute to solve each board:
  • Easy: 4x4 board
  • Medium: 4x6 board (or 6x4 depending on the screen)
  • Difficult: 5x6 board (or 6x5 depending on screen)

The application will have a main game screen that contains the following elements:
  • Game board. The board where the user will play and see the cards.
  • Move counter. Every time 2 cards are turned over it will increase by 1, whether you hit or not.
  • Time counter. A 1-min countdown to reveal all pairs!
  • Remaining pairs counter.
  • A button to return to the level selection screen.

  • Solve this challenge and give it your best
  • Compare your app with the solution proposed by the challenge creator.
  • Get feedback on your code from experts
  • Build your portfolio with all your completed challenge 
  • New project built by you to be proud
  • Feedback from Tech Mentors experts
  • Tech report of your skills - option to share it
  • Full portfolio to use it in technical interviews



Brais Moure (a.k.a. MoureDev) is a full-stack developer, specialized in iOS, Android and web application development. Besides creating more than 100 apps as a freelancer, MoureDev spends much of his time sharing his knowledge with the dev community.

He is currently one of the main creators of programming content in Spain, with more than 210k subscribers on Youtube and more than 25k followers on Twitch.

Take a look at his networks and say hello for us! 馃憢馃徑 

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