Firebase chat


Create a chat application using Firebase as your backend.
August 2022

 😻 This is a new monthly challenge created by MoureDev. He will review and give feedback to some proposed solutions from the community in one of his Twitch livestreams  

Firebase is one of the most widely used service platforms for creating applications worldwide. Thanks to it, we can integrate in our app (and at no cost to start) features as common as authentication, push notifications, real-time database, among many other services.

Well, let's create a chat application (never wondered how they work?) that uses as many Firebase services as you want.

You will focus on the frontend, and Firebase will be your backend.

Ideal para

Junior · Middle

Stacks disponibles

Android · iOS· WebApp

Experiencia requerida

Basic knowledge


General Level:

  • The application will have a screen where you will have to login with your Google account.
  • Once logged in, you will be able to select another registered user to chat with from a list.
  • The chat will start.

Main Screen:

  • Here you can select your Google account to access the App. This registration must be persisted in Firebase. If you are already logged in, this screen will NOT be shown.
  • Somewhere in the application there must be the possibility to logout.

Chat screen:

  • Here comes the tricky part. You will have to represent the interaction in text format of the two users.
  • This chat will be in real time and the conversations will be saved, this means that every time you return to the chat room you will be able to consult the previous messages.
  • As in most chats, your answers will be aligned to the right and those of the other users to the left.
  • You only have to represent text and the name of the user who sent it (it can be the text before the @ of your email). This is a test application, keep in mind that in a real App you must protect the privacy of the users.


  • Are you able to send push notifications to another device every time you are texted?
  • And also send images (and save them) through the chat?
  • Solve the challenge and show your potential
  • Get feedback on your code from experts.
  • Compare your app with those of other participants through MoureDev's Twitch livestream
  • Build your technical portfolio with all your completed challenge 
  • Create an app / webapp and test your coding skills.
  • Feedback from our expert Tech Mentors.
  • A complete report of your skills - with the possibility of sharing it.
  • Your own technical portfolio to use in job interviews.
  • A chance to win €100 in training materials.
  • If your app is one of the best, Mouredev will record a video reviewing your code in depth and giving his opinion on your performance.



Brais Moure (a.k.a. MoureDev) is a full-stack developer, specialized in iOS, Android and web application development. Besides creating more than 100 apps as a freelancer, MoureDev spends much of his time sharing his knowledge with the dev community.

He is currently one of the main creators of programming content in Spain, with more than 210k subscribers on Youtube and more than 25k followers on Twitch.

Take a look at his networks and say hello for us! 👋🏽 

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