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Implement a web app that lets users order snacks from a pub..

Coffee Machine is an awesome web application that from a few input parameters (drink type, amount of money, number of sugars and extra hot check) is capable to order a drink and show a cool message of the desired drink.

This app is a common coffee machine (vending machine) where you have to insert money and select the type of drink you want, and it will return to you that beverage, in case you insert the enough money and select an available drink type. Easy peasy :) 

Now our PM wants to have a better web application. But the developer of it is no longer in the company. Can you help us improve the app?

Ideal for

Middle developers

Available stacks

Java · Python · TypeScript · JavaScript

Required experience

Mid-level knowledge


This app is based in two components:

  • API (Express, Typescript)

This API is the core of the app. It has the business logic of the application and, giving some parameters, returns the desired drink, or an error if something is wrong.

  • Web App (Vue, Typescript)

This is a simple Vue page where the user enters the parameters (drink, money, sugar and extra hot) and see what the application returns. The page does not validate anything.

To run the whole application, just execute:

make api-start make web-start

This two commands will start both API and Vue services. Once you did this, you could navigate to http://localhost:8080/ and see the Vue page.

You could also find an example of the request in the request.http file.

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Mauro Gómez

Albert Romera is a FullStack developer at Rviewer and one of the reasons why this platform exists today.

He has been self-taught for as long as he can remember and learned much of his knowledge independently, even before graduating as a computer engineer. Later, he joined the Deliverea development team before joining Rviewer.

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