Create an amazing app that allows your business to handle pizza orders.
November 2022

 😻 This is a new monthly challenge created by MoureDev. He will review and give feedback to some proposed solutions from the community in one of his Twitch livestreams  

The aim of this Challenge is to create an amazing app that allows your business to handle orders from users who are starving of a perfect and yummy pizza! 🍕

Why is this app better than some actual ones? Clients do not need to register, they can order 4-halve pizzas (or even more!), they can remove some toppings and... a final trick to avoid paying

Ideal for

Junior · Middle

Available Stacks

Android · iOS· WebApp

Required experience

Basic knowledge


How it works:

  • When the user opens the app, the main list of pizzas shows up to allow them to pick one and start the order.
  • The user could add as many pizzas as they want to the shopping cart.
  • Through the main list, the user will see the detail page of the pizza to see their main ingredients, picture or description.
  • A pizza could be composed of 4 independent types! 🤯 So the user could do its own creation.

Main Screen:

  • Shows all the available pizzas, with its name, picture, and price.
  • Users can add any of them to the shopping cart.
  • Users can access the detail page just by clicking on any item.
  • Users can go to their shopping cart to see which pizzas they have added.

Detail screen

  • The app will show the picture, name, description price, and ingredients of the pizza.
  • The user would be able to add it to their shopping cart.
  • Through this screen, the user will be able to remove up to 2 toppings.
  • The user can create a 4-halves pizza. So the app will show the selection process up to 4 times, allowing to remove up to 2 ingredients on each half.

Shopping cart screen

  • Shows the selected pizzas.
  • If the user has selected a by halves pizza, it has to be specified for each one.
  • If the user has removed some ingredient from the pizza, it has to be shown.
  • The user has some credits on the app, so they will be shown here. If the user has not have enough credits, they won't be able to end the purchase process.
  • In case the user has enough credits, the app allows the user to purchase the selected pizzas!

But... what happens if you don't have enough credits on the app? 🥲 

For every 5 clicks in a row the user does in the Total amount of the shopping cart, the system will add $20 to their credits.


  • You can add a screen to request the delivery info of the user.
  • How are you going to charge the total amount? You can research about PayPal, Stripe, or other payment methods.
  • Solve the challenge and show your potential
  • Get feedback on your code from experts.
  • Compare your app with those of other participants through MoureDev's Twitch livestream
  • Build your technical portfolio with all your completed challenge 
  • Create an app / webapp and test your coding skills.
  • Feedback from our expert Tech Mentors.
  • A complete report of your skills - with the possibility of sharing it.
  • Your own technical portfolio to use in job interviews.
  • A chance to win €100 in training materials.
  • If your app is one of the best, Mouredev will record a video reviewing your code in depth and giving his opinion on your performance.



Brais Moure (a.k.a. MoureDev) is a full-stack developer, specialized in iOS, Android and web application development. Besides creating more than 100 apps as a freelancer, MoureDev spends much of his time sharing his knowledge with the dev community.

He is currently one of the main creators of programming content in Spain, with more than 210k subscribers on Youtube and more than 25k followers on Twitch.

Take a look at his networks and say hello for us! 👋🏽 

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