Blockchain Codeathon

Winners & Statistics

This Codeathon was a coding competition organized by Rviewer in which, from June 13, 2022 to July 10, 2022, developers were invited to solve one or more technical challenges to drill down into Blockchain technology!

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Codeathon Winners

Beginner category

Javier Abadía

Challenge: PrivaTo-Do

Awarded with


One year subscription to all Codely courses and content

Intermediate category

David Blanco

Challenge: Cartfidential

Awarded with

100€ voucher for training resources
Mechanical keyboard

Expert category

Jesús Gómez

Awarded with


200€ voucher for computer equipment

Featured participants

Alejandro Rodríguez

Challenge: PrivaTo-Do 

César Sotodosos Rodrigo

Challenge: PrivaTo-Do 

Jordi Soley

Challenge: Cartfidential 

Gelinton X

Challenge: Eurovoting System 

Are you able to beat the winners of this Codeathon?

Solve the challenges, and we will give you a full report of your technical skills and your score compared to the rest of the participants of this competition.

Competition statistics


Most performed challenges

01 - PrivaTo-Do  - 68,62%


02 - Cartfidential  - 17,55%


03 - EuroVoting system  - 13,83%


Score frequency distribution
Average score of all participants

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