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Difficulty: Intermediate

The Covid pandemic has forced the digitization of many sectors that were previously low-tech. Digital commerce experienced a brutal growth, but this caused some scalability and performance problems due to the high traffic that these online stores received.

For this reason, the CTO of your company has decided to implement a new type of ecommerce based on Blockchain technology on your online sales portal. The purpose is to create a network to execute and store, in a decentralized way, the different ecommerce processes.

So you will have to implement this technology in one of the most important parts of the process: the shopping cart.

How it works?

The aim of this API is to manage a shopping cart of our ecommerce website. So, through it, the Frontend Team will be able to request and create, update or delete any item in the current cart.

Every action of the API will generate a new _Block_ on the _Blockchain_ in order to create a history and persist the information, so we can retrieve it later, but also keeps a history of which items the user has added to the cart